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P r o g r a m m i n g


** http://republika.pl/jtb Site about programming in Turbo Pascal. Download and manual section ( Pascala course for beginners). 
*** http://www.jediprog.cad.pl Site about programming in Pascal, Delphi and Assembler. You can download graphic programs, application programs, tools etc.
** http://wanter.w.interia.pl At this site huge programm section, games section and others. Moreover Pascal column, Diablo II, Starcraft and some other things
**** http://www.cwrld.prv.pl Proggramer Portal Coders' World - you can find here essential materials for each programmer - articles, algorithm descriptions, courses, files, source codes
*** http://www.vogel.w.pl Site about programmind. Algorithms, courses and others.


O t h e r


**** http://neo.netax.info Site made by neo. At site you can find programs and graphics made by Neo. It's really atractive in graphical way.


From DRAGOsystems workshop


mehu http://www.pomologia.edu.pl Witryna Zespołu Szkół im. Józefa Warszewicza w Prószkowie 
mehu http://www.gamakolor.com.pl Strona Zakładu Szyldowego GAMAkolor w Prószkowie

These sites are marked in 5-gradual way (from one to five stars)


- revelation
- very good site
- correctly made and managed site
- it's not tragedy, but nothing special too
- uugghh!!! run!!! 

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