25 | 11 | 02

Some little changes and ambitions


We made some little improvements. I (mehu) try to arouse ambitions in group, because they started to surrender.

18 | 09 | 02

New Mehu scribbles


As you can see we had quite long holidays (everydays parties, chicks and hangover) but now we come back to work ! We started from new Mehu works in Graphics.

06 | 08 | 02

Flash, Flash and one more time Flash


We decided to redocarate our site, which is now in Flash.

01 | 08 | 02

We baked cookies!!!


At the bottom of main Page you will find a suprise - cookie!!! Besides:Links update, and Mehu scribble sth in Graphics (autor).

09 | 07 | 02

Modules and new Mehu's works


There is our set of modules for Pascal Pojawił (go). You can also admire some new works of our kompadre Mehu in graphics.

04 | 07 | 02

Some new articles


We added a table with ASCII codes, and in near futere we will add mistakes during compiling and running of program (all in articles section).

20 | 06 | 02

Pascal section enriched


Pascal section was expanded by new kody źródłowe

13 | 06 | 02

Little changes at Main Page


What can I say: you can see it: poll and other..

10 | 06 | 02

Dictionary finally get off the ground !!!


At last new section called Dictionary made by Qbooś started..

05 | 06 | 02

New text!


We add three text: Zostały dodane trzy teksty: compiler directives, work for computer scientists and efficient programming in Pascal. All is in Programming section. There will be more text in near future.

04 | 06 | 02

Mehu dopiął swego!

In contrary to opinion one of us, "what's new" was run in that, and not other form, Flash section at last looks normal.Some new Graph's are in Graphics (new works)

31 | 05 | 02

 More sections !

Site was divided into more sections which you can see at Main Page. Although it's only frame for future, realy good site.New sections: Programming (Pascal**, C++, Delphi*), Webmastering*, Algorithms**, Flash** and this section in which you are now.

* sections which are not available yet
** działy, które były wcześniej, ale w innych miejscach